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Here at Groundhopper Soccer Guides, our goal is to immerse you further in the world of English soccer — not just sell Premier League tickets. We want to give you a taste of the culture around the game. That’s why we put so much work into our YouTube channel.

So I thought I would offer a brief introduction to the channel and what’s on there, by showing you the Playlists and a sample video from each one.

Singing English Soccer Supporters

Singing is what first brought me to the game, and it remains my favorite thing about the at-the-stadium experience. In this playlist, I offer musical jewels like Tottenham supporters belting out “When The Spurs Go Marching In” in a win over Chelsea at the old White Hart Lane:

Pregame Atmosphere

I always take a video when the teams come out, just to give a sense of the stadium and atmosphere. And sometimes you catch something really special, like when Leicester City come out to a guy blowing a fox horn!


When an English soccer team scores a goal and the fans go wild, it can make for some really fun videos, like this one from Swansea. I missed the actual game-winning goal, but otherwise this one speaks for itself.

Stadium Tours

These are scenes from stadium tours at English soccer clubs, a highlight of which is always walking out through the tunnel, like here at Old Trafford.

English Soccer Hospitality Packages

I sell hospitality packages for many Premier League and several Championship clubs, so here are some videos that either explain more about how all that works or show what they are like. Here, for example, we walk from a lounge to seats at Liverpool:

About Groundhopper Soccer Guides

Here at Groundhopper Soccer Guides, we write and publish a guidebook, sell tickets and hospitality packages for Premier League games, offer trip planning help, and lead tours. This video tells more about those tours:

Meet the Clubs of English Soccer

Here we meet some of the 60+ clubs I have visited. In this video I take you “Beyond the Big Six” Premier League clubs to check out some lesser-known clubs around London:

English Soccer Trivia

How’s your English soccer trivia? Test it out in a video like this one on club nicknames:

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