We Can Now Offer Aston Villa Tickets

We Can Now Offer Aston Villa Tickets

Groundhopper Guides is very excited to announce that one of our ticket partners is now an official reseller of Aston Villa tickets with lounge access.

Tickets for Aston Villa have always been tricky to get, with Premier League football being played in a great and historic stadium filled with a large fanbase. But now we can, for all their home games, put you into excellent seats near midfield, in the historic Trinity Road Stand, with access pregame and postgame to an in-stadium lounge where you get a welcome drink, food, and comfortable seating.

The photo above, in fact, is from very near the seats; it’s from block B5, whereas our Aston Villa seats are in block B4, so just imagine moving one section to the right as you face the pitch, and that’s where we can put you.

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So they are great seats, and they offer one of our favorite advantage of football tickets in England: a great view of the away fans! Check out Spurs fans celebrating a late winner from block B5 several years ago.

So if you want to go to a game at Aston Villa, fill out the form below, and let’s see how we can get you to Villa Park!

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