England supporters and the World Cup: Inside the wacky minds of football supporters

December 1, 2022

Being in England during a World Cup is like being at a family reunion where the favorite son is the life of the party one day and an alcoholic the next. As an outsider, I find it somewhat comical, but … Continue reading

At the Seville Derby: Look Out when the Rocket Lands

November 23, 2022

Sometimes, in the middle of a big crowd, during a big game, in a stadium filled with emotion and a city gone briefly mad, there are some very fine lines to walk. So when somebody lands a rocket in the middle of all this, one has to be very careful. Continue reading

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Soccer Games I Have Seen in my Quest to Join the 92 Club

November 20, 2022

I update this post regularly with all the football soccer games I’ve seen in the UK and Europe. But why does it matter? Because my goal is to join the 92 Club, also called “Doing the 92.” For more on … Continue reading

13 Ways That Watching Football in England and Europe are Different

November 18, 2022

What are some of the differences between watching soccer, or football, in England vs watching it in Europe? Here’s an attempted answer from an American who’s been to nearly 200 games between the two. First, let’s acknowledge that “Europe” is … Continue reading

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