boys in bolos english premier league podcast

If you’re looking for an entertaining podcast about the English Premier League, you’ll want to check out “Boys in Bolos,” whose tagline is “Two American soccer fans trying to make sense of English football.”

Groundhopper Paul had a chance to chat with Jarrett for this week’s episode, and they talked about all things groundhopping and English soccer including:

  • What it’s like going to a game in England;
  • How the MLS fan experience compares;
  • What Groundhopper Guides is all about;
  • And a lot more. There’s even a little cursing!

Listen to Paul and Jarrett talk about Groundhopper Soccer Guides on the Boys in Bolos podcast and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Boys in Bolos are also well worth a follow on Twitter @boysinbolos, and Instagram, also @boysinbolos. They post episodes on their YouTube channel, as well.


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