inside empty Anfield Stadium Liverpool’s Kop from pitch-side.

If you think of the Premier League ticket market as a kind of group mind, the entire thing has gone completely insane this season over Liverpool FC home games.

Liverpool’s Kop, where it seems the whole world wants to be.

(This post is from 2019; here is what we generally offer for Liverpool games.)

Games at Anfield have always been in demand, mainly because of the history of the club and the well-known atmosphere created by Liverpool fans. And, in a sense, the relative lack of success lately — as opposed to, say, Manchester United or Chelsea — means that those seats have long been filled by their passionate fans, and not so much the casual observer or Johnny-come-lately.

Now, all of a sudden, the team is on fire, threatening to win their first championship since 1990. In fact, since 2006 — when they won the FA Cup — Liverpool has only a League Cup title to show for all their money spent and passion felt.

Put all this anticipation, history, and caring together; wrap it around an exciting young team; and (try to) pack it into a 54,000-seat stadium, and you get, in 2019, the most expensive club tickets on Earth.

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What is Up With Buying Liverpool Tickets?

Kickoff of a Merseyside Derby in the FA Cup.

A quick reminder on why it’s generally so hard to buy Premier League tickets: Liverpool has about 26,000 season ticket holders — and a wait list at least that long! — so there’s half the stadium. About six weeks out, those folks get a chance to buy another one, or maybe more, tickets if it’s not a big game. There go thousands more.

Next come the club members, and they are allotted tickets by loyalty points. Guess how you get loyalty points? By buying tickets from the club! Of course, if you don’t have points, you’re not buying tickets, because tickets never make it past this member stage and into what they call General Sale.

Bottom line: If you haven’t been buying tickets directly from Liverpool FC for a while now, you probably never will. And if you join the season ticket wait list now, go ahead and put that spot in your Last Will.

Of course, many of these tickets wind up on various third-party websites, which we have never dealt with, and most of which are illegal. Operate there at your own risk.

Buying Liverpool Hospitality Packages from Groundhopper Guides

Inside the Anfield Code Lounge at Liverpool FC.

The club does offer various hospitality packages, many of which are sold to brokers who contract with the club. You can buy them from the club on their website, from these brokers, or from registered resellers like us.

A hospitality package is generally just a seat plus some other kind of benefit, like access to a lounge, pregame meal, or a reception offsite like at the luxurious Aintree Race Course or the Liver Building on the city’s waterfront.

You can request a quote for any game here.

Which Liverpool Hospitality Packages Do We Have Available?

There are five or six packages which pop up in our availability from time to time. Here’s a quick summary:

  • The Sandon is a seat in the Anfield Road End, behind a goal, plus pregame and postgame exclusive access to a pub down the street. You get food before and free coffee/tea after.
  • The Village is the same as the Sandon but with seats in the Upper Dailglish Stand on the side.
  • The Gladstone is a similar deal to the Sandon, but with a nicer meal in a more formal setting at the nearby Isla Gladstone Conservancy, but no access post-game.
  • The Anfield Code Lounge gives you pre- and postgame access to this lounge, where you can buy food and drinks, plus seats in either block L11 or L12, on the side around the penalty area.
  • The Paisley and Shankly Suites come with a pregame meal in these suites, access there at halftime and postgame, and seats in CE3, CE4, CE6 or CE7.
  • The Liver Building has a meal and reception until 2.5 hours before kickoff at the Liver Building down on the river, with a bus ride to the game 2.5 hours before kickoff.
  • The Reds Bar is the same kind of deal as the Anfield Code, but with seats in block U9, up in the corner.

And What Does All This Cost?

Walking through this door won’t be cheap this season!

Here is where things get really nutty. Even last year, we would say Manchester United was among the most-requested club in our consulting and hospitality services, and two years ago they were the main one other than Arsenal and Chelsea. Now it is all about Liverpool. We get requests every day, and without question a half to two-thirds are for Liverpool home games.

Naturally, this high demand, with limited supply, means some insane prices. Here’s a brief sketch as of mid-January, looking at Liverpool’s home games on March 30 vs Tottenham, April 13 vs Chelsea, and April 27 against Huddersfield. We’ll get to May 12 vs Wolverhampton in a minute.

  • Sandon: $1,500 against Spurs or Chelsea, $1,100 against Huddersfield
  • Gladstone: $1,500 against Spurs or Chelsea
  • Anfield Code: Sold out for Spurs and Chelsea, $1,300 against Huddersfield
  • Paisley/Shankly: Sold out for Spurs and Chelsea, $1,300 against Huddersfield
  • Liver and Reds: Sold out for all three games

For Liverpool v Leicester City January 30 and Liverpool v Watford on February 27, we have just a few left anywhere at around $600 each.

And this brings us to the peak of the madness, Liverpool’s last home game, on the last day of the season.

How Much For Liverpool vs Wolverhampton on May 12?

What it’s all about: Changing the Premier League Trophy from City blue to Liverpool red.

Think about it: This is all about Liverpool winning again, and potentially winning the league for the first time in 29 years. They could do this on the last day of the season, May 12, at home against Wolverhampton. Even if they have already won it, this day will be a celebration, capped off by the dramatic moment of lifting the trophy.

What has this done to prices? Here you go, as of January 30:

  • Village: $2,800
  • Paisley/CE3: $4,000

Want a little comparison?

  • Man U vs PSG in Champions League: High end of $800
  • Man U vs Man City: High end of $900
  • Man U vs Liverpool at Old Trafford: High end of $1,100
  • Real Madrid v Barcelona: $1,000
  • FA Cup Final: $700
  • Champions League Final: $2,700 and up

Such is the fever of this Liverpool season that we can send you to the Champions League Final — or the combination of the Manchester Derby, Madrid-Barcelona and the FA Cup Final — for less money than Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers.

It’s old-fashioned economics, supply and demand, made completely nuts by a bunch of young guys who are really good at soccer and a bunch of people who really love watching a winning team.

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