Just before kickoff at Manchester City vs Liverpool, where we went “hopping” in 2018.

When are the top derbies, or rivalry games, in the Premier League for the 2019-20 season?

Everybody loves a derby. And everybody loves the Premier League. So when are the big rivalry games this season?

One note on the schedule: the weekends are listed here, and as of right now they are all listed as Saturday at 3. But they will get moved around for TV, and here’s the schedule for when that happens.

Here is the Entire 2019-20 English and European Soccer Schedule

Here are the Premier League derbies by matchup:

Manchester Derby: City vs United: December 7 at City, March 7 at United.

Merseyside Derby, Liverpool vs Everton: December 4 at Liverpool, March 14 at Everton.

North London Derby, Tottenham vs Arsenal: August 31 at Arsenal, April 25 at Tottenham.

Crystal Palace vs Brighton and Hove Albion: December 14 at Palace, February 29 at Brighton

Tottenham vs Chelsea: December 21 at Tottenham, February 22 at Chelsea

Liverpool vs Manchester United: October 19 at United, January 18 at Liverpool

West Ham vs Chelsea: November 30 at Chelsea, April 4 at West Ham

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And here they are by weekend:

August 31: Tottenham at Arsenal.

October 19: Liverpool at Man U

November 30: West Ham at Chelsea

December 4: Everton at Liverpool

December 7: Man United at Man City

December 14: Brighton at Palace

December 21: Chelsea at Tottenham

January 18: Man U at Liverpool

February 22: Tottenham at Chelsea

February 29: Palace at Brighton

March 7: Man City at Man United

March 14: Liverpool at Everton

April 4: Chelsea at West Ham

April 25: Arsenal at Tottenham

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