The 2019-20 edition of my book, The Groundhopper’s Guide to Soccer in England, is now for sale on my site and elsewhere.

In fact, for the first time you can also order a Kindle edition. Both are all up-to-date for the 2019-2020 season in English football.

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The 2019-20 Groundhopper’s Guide Cover

What is The Groundhopper’s Guide to Soccer in England?

The book is the most comprehensive guide around for football soccer in England. It’s got club profiles, historical information, practical tips on how to plan your trip and find tickets, stories, and all sorts of fun and informative tidbits to not only help you understand the game and the culture, but also plan a trip that will be smooth in the details and rewarding in the experience.

In short, if you’re into English soccer, and you want to see a game or two in person, it’s the only book you need.

Here is the 2019-20 Table of Contents.

Here is the cover.

Here’s a sample chapter on Gillingham FC.

Check out the Amazon reviews of the 2018-19 edition.

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The book includes:

  • Profiles of 61 English soccer clubs, including where to get a pint before the game and what on Earth they are singing.
  • Introductory material like a history of the game, a guide to the leagues and cups, and basic tips on getting tickets
  • Stories from my adventures seeing more than 100 games around the UK

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