All shiny and new for this season!

There’s a subtle but important change here at Soccer HQ: My website is exactly the same, but it can now be found at instead of the original

Me in my happy place.

The old address still works, and you will automatically be shepherded over to the new domain. No need to adjust your (I’m sure) ubiquitous bookmarks and favorites.

Why the change? It simply reflects my ongoing understanding of what the business can and will be. And it’s catching up to the rather obvious reality of what the business is.

See, when I started this whole thing, it was a book idea, and the title was going to be An American’s Guide to English Soccer. And I started a blog to support it at Slowly, though, it occurred to me that while I am American, not all of my readers are. It also seemed possible that one day I might expand to other countries. So I needed a name that would be flexible enough to take in Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, whatever. Hence Groundhopper, with my role models being Let’s Go, Lonely Planet and Rick Steves: one name, one brand, multiple countries.

I changed the book name, and I probably should have switched the site then and there. I did create my new email address of [email protected] Now, with everything paused, it seemed a good idea to work behind the scenes and make some changes while, let’s face it, damn few of you are hanging around anyway.

I often think of my business as a widget store on Main (or High) Street, and right now, with the store closed, we’re doing inventory, rearranging the furniture, training new folks, and now putting up a fresh new sign that better reflects who we are.

And who are we? We are guides in the literal sense; we teach you about the world of soccer supporters, help you plan trips, sell you tickets, write and publish a guidebook and a newsletter, and lead tours. Just click around below to find out more.

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