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We always emphasize that seeing soccer in person is a safe, fun, family-friendly experience. Well, if you can tolerate a little cursing. And we think this logo communicates that.

Maybe you’re kind of new here, and you’re wondering what a “groundhopper” is? First of all, welcome! Please consider subscribing to our newsletter or buying our book, which is updated for the 2020-21 season.

“Ground” is a British term for what we Americans might call a park or a field, like Wrigley Field or Fenway Park. So a football ground is a place where football happens. And hopping from one ground to another — i.e., being a soccer tourist — is an established activity in much of the world. #groundhopping!

Our mission at Groundhopper Guides is to help people connect with each other through the act of watching soccer. We sell tickets and lead tours, and we help people plan their trips, but at our core, what we do is help you become a knowledgeable, respectful groundhopper, not just going to games but learning as much as you can about where you are, what you’re seeing and hearing, and who you’re sitting next to.

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