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Screenshots of top English Football social media

Best Social Media Follows for Football Lovers

Groundhopper Soccer Guides produces a wide variety of informative and entertaining content every week. But we can't cover everything, so here are our favorite ways to keep up with all things football. Alethea The Athletic: I know this isn’t social...

person watching soccer on tv in US at home

A Couple of Soccer-Related Film Reviews

As will soon become apparent, I am not a film critic. But since I spent most of the past year stuck at home and couldn't plan groundhopping trips or go to games, I decided to delve further into the world...

espn films 30 for 30 soccer stories

ESPN Has Some Pretty Good 30 for 30 “Soccer Stories”

ESPN has a series of short documentary films they call 30 for 30, which debuted in 2009 as part of the celebration for the network's 30th anniversary. The popular series expanded to include "Soccer Stories" in 2014. Each film runs...

david goldblatt the game of our lives english soccer

The Game of Our Lives is the One Book About English Soccer You Need to Read

If you are interested in English soccer and you want to learn more about it -- and also learn more about England and the United Kingdom in general -- I cannot recommend highly enough that you read David Goldblatt's book,...

looking for eric movie review

Looking for Eric and the “Magical Thinking” of Football Supporters

As I continue to explore (and try to explain) the world of English soccer, I occasionally find out about something I feel I should have already known about. Along those lines, allow me to share with you a lovely little...

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