After a game at Millwall FC.

The whole core of my mission here is to connect people to communities and each other through watching soccer. And that is done, in its purest form, in my English soccer tours, which I call “Groundhops.”

What is a Groundhop? The short answer is that it’s people sharing a football-themed day (or more) together. We tour towns and cities, we tour stadiums, we eat and drink in pubs, we meet supporters and, of course, we go to games. You can come along for part of a day, a whole day, or multiple days.

Here is a typical “Groundhop” Itinerary

When do these happen? Over Christmas for sure. And I try to also have them in March, May and August. And so far they have all been in London, Liverpool or Manchester.

For more, including why that word “ground” keeps showing up all over the place, check out the video below.

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