Villa Park, home of Aston Villa FC.

When will the Premier League and English Football League allow supporters back into stadiums? Not anytime soon, it appears.

The Etihad, home of Manchester City.

For a while now, the plan / hope has been that Premier League and English Football League clubs would start to allow supporters in October, depending on government approval.  But that was denied by the government on September 21.

In fact, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the current government restrictions, including for all sport in the country, “are likely to remain in place for the next six months.”

If you figure no supporters at Premier League or Football League games through March, and assuming (safely) that there’s no widely available vaccine before then, I don’t see how there can be fans in seats at English games at all in the 2020-21 season.

It’s a tough thing to even type, but it’s the most reasonable assumption.

And it’s terrible financial news for clubs all over the country, especially below the top two tiers, the Premier League and Championship. There, television revenue will keep coming in, but below that, without game-day revenue, many more clubs are going to disappear (two already have) without serious financial assistance.

Can Supporters Go To Any English Soccer Games?

With the above news, you can write off the top four tiers of England for seeing games in person. The National League, at tiers 5 and 6, have yet to start their seasons; that is set for October 3. They had hoped to have up to 1,000 fans in attendance at each game, but that appears to have been reduced by the latest announcement.

Below that, currently clubs are allowed to have up to 15% attendance. No word yet on whether that will continue.

If you happen to be in London looking for one of these games, I highly recommend the London Football Guide.

Can Fans Attend Soccer Games in Europe?

As of this week, According to, the current state of play in other countries is Germany letting 20% in (home fans only), Spain still at zero fans but hoping to change that in November, Italy hoping for 30% of supporters in October (but it’s not looking good), and France at 5,000 fans max per game, slowly building from there.

Of course, attending a game there requires getting into the country in the first place, and we are tracking the latest of travel restrictions here.

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