Southampton Stadium Premier League Southampton are currently tied for third place in the Premier League.

Recently, the broker I work with on my English soccer hospitality packages introduced a new option at Southampton FC, a Premier League club where we didn’t have packages to offer.

So I decided to head down to the south coast and check it out.

Kickoff from my Saints Bar package seats.

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First of all, catching a game at Southampton as a day trip from London is super easy. It’s 90 minutes by train from London’s Waterloo Station, so if it’s a 3 pm game, you could technically leave London at 1 and be back by 7. But it’s worth spending more time than that in town, especially if you have any interest in The Titanic. The doomed ship made its last stop here, and there’s a wonderful display all about it in the SeaCity Museum.

For more on Southampton, the city and the club, check out this post.

It’s about a 20-minute walk from Southampton Central Station to the stadium — or around a £10 taxi ride. Sometimes the club runs a shuttle from the station, as well.

What Package Do I Offer at Southampton?

The Saints Bar at Southampton FC.

What I have is in the Saints Bar (above), which comes with excellent seating in block 6. It also includes access to a lounge where you can buy food and drinks, they have a little program where they interview a club legend, and where you get a free drink at halftime — beer, wine, soda, or hot drinks.

Here is a seating chart for your reference (click to expand):

The food, when I was there, was £8 for a choice of a meatball sandwich or a bowl with rice, curry, vegetables and a spring roll. There were three curry options – chicken, beef and vegetarian. I went with the chicken:

Chicken curry.

It wasn’t amazing, but it beat the heck out of the burgers on offer outside the stadium.

Besides, in all but a few cases — think Centenary Package at Chelsea — this hospitality stuff isn’t about the food. It’s about the seats. And the Saints Bar at Southampton comes with excellent seats — padded, with a nice view of the pitch and the away fans.

Corner kick from my Saints Bar seats.

Padded seats in Block 6.

Away fans (in this case West Ham) are just to your right.

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Some More Pictures from my Southampton FC Hospitality:

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