inside Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. (Image by Little Savage via Wikimedia Commons)

Getting tickets to Real Madrid home games can be a bit of an adventure sometimes, which is why it’s worth dealing with an authorized reseller like Groundhopper Guides for games at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Here is a bit more on our Real Madrid ticket and hospitality options.

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Seeing a Game at Real Madrid

Real Madrid is probably the biggest and most successful football club in the world. Real Madrid have won the European Cup, now known as the UEFA Champions League, a record 13 times, including three in a row from 2016 to 2018. They hold the record with four Club World Cup wins, and they have also won the Spanish La Liga title a record 34 times.

The Bernabéu has been the home of Real Madrid since 1947, and it currently holds just over 81,000 people — although the record attendance was 129,690 for a 1956 European Cup game against AC Milan. It was the first stadium in the world to host both a UEFA Euros Final (1964) and a World Cup Final (1982).

Find out more about Real Madrid and the city itself in our Groundhopper Guide to Real Madrid.

Our Real Madrid Tickets: Where are They?

As with our Barcelona tickets and hospitality, seating at the Santiago Bernabéu is in zones, with pricing determined by where the seats are located.

We can sell tickets to each of these categories at Real Madrid. (Click to image to expand and download.)

Real Madrid Ticket Prices

What does it cost to see a game at Real Madrid? Referring to the seating chart, here are some sample prices for the lowest end of opposition (Osasuna) and the highest end (Barcelona).

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Also, these prices are based on two seats, guaranteed together. If you want three together, expect to pay about 15-20% more per seat. For more than that, get in touch with us.

Category 3 — $125 / $600

Category 2 shortside — $150 / $650

Category 2 longside — $150 / $675

Category 1 500 level — $175 / $850

Category 1 non-central — $225 / $950

Category 1 central — $250 / $1,250

Category 1 central lower — $300 / $1,400

Real Madrid Hospitality Packages

We don’t just sell tickets to Real Madrid; we also offer hospitality packages, or seats with access to a lounge area with food and drinks included.

Here is a quick look at the packages we sell at Real Madrid.

The European Cup Room

Seats located in Block 108, longside along the goal line. This includes access to the lounge for one hour before the match, where you have a buffet meal and free bar, and also for 30 minutes after the match.

Real Cafe

Block 218 behind the goal plus access to a lounge with the same perks as above.

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