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Everton’s New Stadium Gets Government Approval

March 28, 2021

The path is cleared for Everton's new stadium to replace Goodison Park potentially as early as 2024. English football clubs are constantly weighing tradition versus economics, the past versus the future. For clubs like Everton, this often comes down to where you play your games. Do you preserve the history in your current ground or…

merseyside derby liverpool everton

Getting to Know the Everton-Liverpool Merseyside Derby

February 17, 2021

Sometimes called the Friendly Derby, the Merseyside Derby between Liverpool and Everton is the longest-running top flight derby in English football, the two having played at least twice every season since 1962. So let's take a look at the history and some of the key games between these two great clubs and what is --…

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Tour Goodison Park at Everton FC

April 20, 2019

Some day they are going to tear down Goodison Park at Everton Football Club, and they will replace it with something bigger, more modern, more comfortable, and for me, undoubtedly less charming. The new one won't have the wooden seats, or the church in the corner, or be in the middle of a residential neighborhood,…

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Three Games That Show Why English Soccer Isn’t About the Big Six Clubs

November 19, 2018

Really, the title of this post should be something more like, "Why insisting on seeing the big Premier League clubs in London, Liverpool and Manchester makes you miss so much that's great about English soccer." Here's why you should go beyond the big six. I was reminded of this once again when, while researching a…

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Temporary Baggie: Seeing a Game at West Bromwich Albion

September 12, 2018

(Note: This post was written in 2014, and other than clubs' league affiliations has not been updated.) One of my travel mantras, taken from Rick Steves, is to try and become a “temporary local.” In the case of my English soccer tour, I take that to mean “temporary fan.” And when seeing a game at…

Watching a Match at Burnley FC:
A Trip Back in Time

September 3, 2018

(This is a repost of a game report from Burnley FC in 2014.) The first thing I heard about watching a game at Burnley was from a Sunderland fan – and it wasn’t completely positive. I had just told her, during a game at The Stadium of Light, that I like the old grounds, such…

Liverpool-Everton and the Magic of the FA Cup

January 10, 2018

“The Magic of the FA Cup” is a phrase you hear tossed around the world of English football. And sometimes that magic is real -- especially around early January’s Third Round. In 2018, as in all years, we had big clubs being upset, little clubs playing on big stages, enormous crowds making big impressions, drama…

Reader Report: Josh and Jennifer See a Game at Everton FC

December 1, 2017

Back at the start of the season in 2017, I helped a blog reader named Josh see a Premier League game at Everton FC in Liverpool. As it happens, though, this wasn't just any old game. This was the return of Mr. Wayne Rooney, former Evertonian, then Manchester United and England legend, and now back…

view of the Premier League field at Goodison Park

Groundhopper Dean Checks Out Everton FC

April 14, 2016

Groundhopper Dean from Canada, who previously went for some VIP treatment at Fleetwood Town, returned recently to check out a Premier League game featuring Everton vs Arsenal at Goodison Park in Liverpool. First, some of our back-and-forth leading up to his trip. Dean: My son and I will be staying in Garstang, Lancashire for friday and…

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