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Sir Bobby Robson statue at Newcastle United St. James Park

English Football Documentary Reveals Sir Bobby Robson

December 3, 2020

Here's an interesting trivia question: Name an individual in English football who was honored by a statue at more than one club. I can think of two. The other one we'll get to, but for now I want my readers to meet Sir Bobby Robson, legendary manager of Ipswich Town, Newcastle United, the English national…

newcastle united stadium tour

Tour St. James’ Park at Newcastle United

May 2, 2019

Taking a tour of St. James' Park, home of Newcastle United FC, is like visiting the city's cathedral. I assume Newcastle, a wonderful and historic city, has a fine cathedral ... somewhere. But without a doubt the biggest house of worship in town, the one that inspires the most devotion and passion, the one you…

English Soccer Trip Advice:
Newcastle Travel Guide

January 18, 2019

I divided my English soccer guidebook into regions and suggested a base city for each region. For the North and Northeast, that base will be Newcastle. (This post is now several years old, so be sure to check on prices, etc.) Travel Guide: Newcastle Why You Should Stay There: It’s a great hub for accessing six clubs,…

English Soccer Tour: Visiting Newcastle

January 7, 2019

When you’re in Newcastle, it’s nearly impossible to get away from Newcastle United. Sure, on occasion you’ll come across someone who doesn’t follow football, or who drifted off when they got relegated a couple years ago, but even then, they seem to know what’s going on with the club. As a symbol, there’s none more…

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