chelsea fc women champions Chelsea Women (shown here in 2019) won the 2020-21 season in English women’s football. (Photo via James Boyes on Wikimedia Commons)

Here are the English women’s football schedules and some updates for the 2021-22 season.

2021-22 Women’s Super League

The Women’s Super League (WSL) was formed in 2010, with the first season being 2011, and currently has 12 teams. Just like the Premier League was renamed from the Football League First Division in 1992, the WSL was previously called the Women’s Premier League National Division from 1991-2010.

Only four different clubs have claimed the league trophy since the rebranding: Chelsea (4 times), Arsenal (3), Liverpool (2) and Manchester City (1). Chelsea have won the championship the last two seasons, and three of the last four overall.

The WSL champion, second place and third place teams qualify for the Women’s Champions League the following season. Arsenal has been the only English club to win a Champions League trophy (in 2007); Lyon from France has dominated with seven overall including five of the last six.

Following last season, Bristol City were relegated while Leicester City earned promotion for the first time. The 2021-22 season will start the weekend of September 3-5. Although the schedule has not been released yet, Sky Sports has committed to broadcasting at least 35 WSL games in each of the next three seasons.

women's football in england arsenal champions

There have been lot of Arsenal trophy celebrations in English women’s football. Here they celebrate the 2018-19 WSL title. Katie ChanCC BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia Commons

2021-22 Women’s Championship

The second division was renamed the Women’s Championship in 2018, and is currently the second-highest division with 11 teams. The Women’s National League is the third tier and broken up into two divisions of 12 clubs each. The rest of the pyramid gets a lot more confusing so we will reference Wikipedia for the breakdown.)

The 2021-22 season will start the weekend of August 28-29. Like the WSL, league fixtures have not been released yet.

2021-22 Women’s FA Cup

This year will be the 52nd Women’s FA Cup. A total of 376 teams entered last year, up 76 from the previous edition. The Preliminary Rounds kick off in late August, leading up to the Final on May 15. For the first time in history both the Women’s and the Men’s finals will be played the same weekend at Wembley Stadium.

2021-22 Women’s Champions League

The 21st edition will be the first time to feature a 16-team group stage. Barcelona broke Lyon’s stretch of five straight titles last season, and the 2022 final will be held in Juventus Stadium in Italy. Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal will represent the WSL.

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