Looks like Coventry City will be voted into the Championship for next season.

The Athletic is reporting that next week Leagues One and Two — that’s tiers 3 and 4 of English football — will abandon their season.

Under the proposed system, Oxford United would also go up to the Championship for next season.

They will, according to the story, then vote on how to determine championships, promotion and relegation.

Here’s the story, which is behind a firewall. But I highly recommend The Athletic as a subscription. It’s top-flight journalism with good writers and stories. And they get the occasional scoop like this one, beating folks like the BBC to it.

This doesn’t mean much as regards the Premier League and Championship. The difference, especially with the Premier League, is TV money. Clubs in Leagues One and Two make almost all their money on game days (tickets, merchandise, etc.) so they have nothing to gain, and much to lose, from staging a so-called “ghost game” without fans. With the upper two tiers, TV money is king, and would have to be refunded if the games aren’t played — to the tune of about £760 million, or about $1 billion.

Those two tiers still hope to finish the season without supporters this summer. A vote is set for Monday the 11th on the latest plan for that.

I am tracking everything I know about the 2019-20 season here, and what little there is to know about ticket refunds here.

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