view of players on field from Arsenal hospitality seats at Emirates Stadium View from our Arsenal hospitality seats, blocks 72 to 76 in club level.

As part of my English soccer travel consulting services, I am an official reseller of VIP or “hospitality” packages for many clubs in England and Europe.

One of the most popular, of course, is Arsenal Football Club in North London. Recently I helped Michael and a couple of friends get into a game at The Emirates, and he shared a photo from the seats.

View from my Arsenal hospitality seats, blocks 72 to 76 in club level.

By the way, the away fans are just below this and to the right, which was something that added to Michael’s enjoyment of the day. He also picked up on some of the things Americans will love about seeing soccer in England.

We had an excellent time. It was a great experience, unlike any sporting event we’d experienced in the States! They let you bet on the game IN the stadium!
We loved that you can’t have food or drink at your seat. We thought we’d hate it, but it really is a better way to do things!

Check in process was slick, they even gave us free program. The seats are fantastic. Not a rowdy group of people, though that is expected from the expensive seats. Had some good vantage points of people getting kicked out of the visitors section which was fun.

Really glad to help, Michael! And Arsenal came back from 1-0 down to beat Swansea City, 2-1. So Michael and crew even got to see a good game.

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