Ticket / Hospitality Refund and Cancellation Policy

Effective May 5, 2021

While we cannot guarantee a cash refund of your ticket and hospitality purchase with Groundhopper Soccer Guides, we will do everything possible to get you one if requested, and we commit to 100% transparency about the process.

A full refund as credit toward future purchases with us, with no expiration date, is available in all circumstances upon request, up until one week before the game.

Game Days and Times Can Change

When the day and time of a game (the “Fixture”) is first announced, that information is subject to change. In most cases, this means moving to another time on the same day or to a day or two earlier or later. On a few occasions it can mean moving to a different week. This is particularly true in the Premier League but could apply to any game.

We will make this clear if it applies to your game(s), and we will tell you when we anticipate the day and time being final. Fixtures are generally made final and official about 4-6 weeks before the game, and we will tell you when this happens.

For this reason, if your schedule is not flexible, you may want to wait until the fixture is set before making your purchase.

If the fixture does change after you make a purchase, your tickets will be good for the new fixture.

If You Cannot Attend the Game After Making a Purchase

If you are unable to attend a game after you have bought tickets or hospitality from us, we will do our utmost to get you a cash refund. We will do this in two ways: (1) ask our brokers to attempt to resell your tickets and (2) make them available to other current and potential customers of Groundhopper Guides. If the tickets resell, we will refund 100% of what we receive for them to you, even though it may be less than what you initially paid.

As stated above, a 100% refund as a credit toward future purchases, with no expiration date, is available in all circumstances upon request, up until one week before the game.

If the Game Day or Time Changes After We Said it Was Set

An exception to the above is that, if we have told you a fixture is set (per above) and then it changes, meaning you are unable to attend, we will refund your purchase 100% in cash, as the error was ours.

Unforeseen Circumstances

If something completely unforeseen, such as a global pandemic, the weather or a fan protest reschedules a game to a fixture you cannot attend, we will offer a 100% refund as a credit toward future purchases.

Effective Date of this Policy

Any purchase made with Groundhopper Soccer Guides after the effective date of this policy is subject to this Refund and Cancellation Policy. If the policy changes after the purchase is made, then the purchase is subject to the policy that was in effect on the date of purchase.