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About Groundhopper Guides Soccer “Group Groundhops” and Personal Guiding Service

Maybe you don’t just want to see a game. Maybe you want to go along with a crew — or your own personal guide.

Groundhopper Soccer Guides’ ultimate goal is to connect people with the game, with the community, and with each other. What better way to do that than to offer group meetups and personal guides? Read on and watch our video for more, and get in touch to find out how we can become fellow groundhoppers.

The whole core of our mission at Groundhopper Soccer Guides is to connect people to communities and each other through watching soccer. And that is done, in its purest form, in our soccer tours — which we call “Group Groundhops” — and in our personal, customized guiding service.

What is a Group Groundhop? Well, “ground” is an old-fashioned English term for a place where football (soccer) is played. So hopping from one ground to another is simply being a footy tourist. Doing that with other folks is a “Group Groundhop.”

These meetups provide the opportunity for fans to share a football-themed day together. We meeting, eat and drink in pubs; meet other supporters; and, of course, go to games. And you can join us — simple and fun!

As for our personal guiding service, it’s even more simple: You arrange for our founder and owner, Paul Gerald, to join you for the day, or more, to make your experience just want you want it to be: easy, fun, more connected and maybe even educational.

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Hire a Guide!

Are you looking for a higher level of service and focus along with a customized itinerary? Groundhopper Paul can be your personal guide for a game, a full day, or even more. From meeting you at your hotel to enjoying a whole day of touring and walking you through the game experience, Paul will make everything easy and also more fun and educational. Continue reading

public soccer tour group at stadium

“Group Groundhops”

What is a “Group Groundhop”? Our “Group Groundhop” meet-ups are open to travelers from around the world and hosted by our founder and owner, Paul Gerald. It’s a simple idea: Let’s meet up, get to know each other, have a … Continue reading

Group Groundhops FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about our Group Groundhops.

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