Fulham’s Craven Cottage is hosting Championship soccer in 2019-20

One of the wacky things about watching English football is that when the schedule, or “fixtures list,” is released, it’s not final. Here is the list of dates when the TV networks will announce changes to the 2019-20 English Football League fixtures.

When the schedule for the 2019-20 Football League season was announced on June 20, everything was listed as happening on Saturday at 3 pm, except for various weeks when there are midweek games. Here is a look at the entire 2019-20 schedule in English and European soccer.

Remember, these dates are for the Football League. Here is a list of when TV networks will move around Premier League games.

Most of these changes have to do with the Championship, but it’s conceivable that League One and League Two games could move, as well. Each week one or two games will be moved to another time on Saturday, maybe one to Friday or Monday evening, and maybe one or two to Sunday.

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For Football League games in or on … the TV changes will be announced on …

August … July 5

September … July 26

October thru November 90 … August 30

November 16 through December 4 … October 4

December 11 to January 11 … November 1

Rest of January thru February 1 … December 6

Rest of February … January 3

March 7 … February 7

March 14 and 18 … February 14

March 21 … February 21

March 28 … February 28

April 4 … March 6

April 10 to 13 … March 13

April 18 … March 20

April 25 … April 3

May 2 and 3 … April 27

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