Huddersfield Town was Yorkshire’s only Premier League entry this season. They will be in the Championship for the 2019-20 season.

The Premier League schedule for 2019-20 has just been announced, but it isn’t really official yet. Here are the dates when the TV networks will change things around for each month during the season.

Here is a Look at the 2019-20 English and European Schedule

Right now, every game is set for a Saturday at 3 pm, plus a couple of times when teams play during the week. But throughout the season, games will be moved for broadcast to other times on Saturday, or to Sunday, or even to Friday or Monday evening.

The Premier League Trophy spent the last two seasons in Manchester.

Here is when that will happen:

Opening weekend (August 9-11) is all set.

Rest of August and September games: July 5

October games: August 6

November games: September 16

December and January games: October 11

February games: December 21. This is also the time when the new “Winter Break” will be set up. Right now everybody is set for the weekend of February 8, but half those games will move to February 15 so everybody gets one week or the other off to rest.

March games: January 24

April games: February 21

May games: April 3

Last week (May 17): After the games the week before.

Other Games Might Get Moved for Thursday Europa League Games

Wolverhampton Wanderers are in the Europa League this year.

Arsenal, Manchester United and Wolverhampton are in the Europa League this season, and since those games are played on Thursdays, those teams could see games get moved even after the TV changes are announced. Here are all the European weeks for this season.

These are the weekends to watch for with this:

September 21

October 5

October 26

November 9

November 30

December 14

For all the above games — the group stage — the draw is August 30. So that’s when we’ll know.

February 22 and 29. This is the Round of 32; the draw for this round is December 16.

March 14 and 21: Round of 16. Draw is February 28.

April 11 and 18: Quarterfinals. Draw is March 20.

May 2 and 9: Semifinals. Draw is also March 20, so we’ll know the matchups as soon as the quarters are over.

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