If you are thinking of going to England to watch soccer games, chances are you’re having a look at the Christmas season.

There will be Santas aplenty, like these Cardiff City fans at Birmingham City.

That’s for good reason, I might add. There are a lot of games to see, Christmas is a fun time to be in London particularly, and — this may be the biggest reason for many folks — the kids are out of school.

I already offer trip-planning assistancehospitality packages, and “Groundhop” group tours to folks who are headed that way. And, in fact, I go over for every holiday season, as well.

But there are some things to consider when planning a “festive season” soccer trip to England, so I thought I would run through some of them here.

Some Travel Hassles

There are some drawbacks to traveling around the UK near Christmas, mainly having to do with the weather (just above freezing with rain is highly typical), and various transport issues. Here’s more on that.

The schedules are going to change — a little

The Premier League schedule (or “fixtures list”) for 2020-21 has been announced, but as I explain in this post, it is then going to change. Most changes will be minor, like from Saturday at 3 to Saturday at noon or 5 p.m. Some will be a little bigger, like from Saturday at 3 to Sunday, or even Monday. In the second-tier Championship, some games will go to Friday night or Sunday afternoon.

In all leagues, some games will move to a whole different weekend because of Cups, but that won’t affect the holiday season.

All of this happens on a fairly predictable schedule, because the TV networks are the main drivers of it. For the 2020-21 holiday season, the magic date is October 9, 2020. Here is the list of days when all those announcements are made.

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Nearly 200 Games in 10 Days

You read that right. When the schedule first comes out, it shows every team in every professional league playing four games in a 10-day span from just before Christmas through January 1. Again, some of those will change for TV, but here’s a quick glance at the 2020-21 “festive season” calendar.

  • December 26 and 27, 2020: 46 games in all leagues; that’s everybody.
  • December 28 and 29, 2020: 46 more games — everybody — once again!
  • January 2 and 3, 2021: Everybody plays again!
  • January 4 and 5: League Cup semifinals.
  • January 8 and 9: FA Cup Third Round (see below) plus league games.

Second Weekend of January: FA Cup Third Round … and Then Some

Last year Bournemouth of the Premier League had to play Millwall of League One at The Den in South London.

The second weekend in January, virtually every team in the Premier League will be entered into the FA Cup’s Third Round Proper (I love English names!). The FA Cup, if you don’t know, is a no-seeding, no-bracket tournament which, at each round, sees bigger clubs enter. And anybody could play anybody, anywhere.

For example, on this same weekend in 2019, we saw …

  • Bournemouth of the Premier League play at League One Millwall
  • Crystal Palace of the Premier League play at League One Bolton
  • Arsenal of the Premier League play at Preston North End of the Championship

But we also saw some fairy-tale matchups for the small clubs at big stadiums:

  • Reading at Manchester United
  • Peterborough United at Chelsea
  • Plymouth Argyle at Liverpool — where Plymouth got a 0-0 draw, meaning then Liverpool had to go for a replay there!

And, sometimes, out of the basket will pop some really fun and unexpected rivalry games like Burnley playing Blackburn Rovers. (Trust me: It’s intense!)

Two points here: (1) these games are fun, and are often referred to as the Magic of the FA Cup. And (2) if you’re trying to get a ticket to a Premier League club, these games might be the way to go. I saw that Liverpool-Plymouth game, for example, by getting tickets the day-of on Liverpool Craigslist. Even better, I got to go in with a fan and stand with her on The Kop! The sight of those 9,000 Plymouth fans roaring and singing at the final whistle, well …. it’s why I love soccer in England.

The FA Cup fixtures for that second weekend in January will be all set when the draw is held in early December. Tickets will go on sale pretty soon after that.

Oh, and all the other leagues play that Saturday the 8th, as well.

Some Final Thoughts on Christmas Season English Soccer Trips

The FA Cup Third Round is a chance to see pro teams play at amateur or semi-pro clubs like Boreham Wood FC in the suburbs north of London.

Assuming you have about a week to travel:

  1. If you want to spend Christmas over there, look at games just before the holiday and, of course, on Boxing Day.
  2. If you want to spend Christmas at home, then arriving for Boxing Day games is a big ask; look instead at the games of the following weekend and January 1.
  3. For a more soccer-focused trip (as opposed to one dependent on school schedules, for example) skip Christmas and Boxing Day and instead focus on the following weekend through the FA Cup Third Round. That is my favorite play.
  4. Don’t forget:

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