Phoner Soccer Consultation


You want to see top soccer in person, but you don’t know how it works: When are the games, how do you get tickets, where is it fun to go?

We know all of that, and more. And we want to help.

Here is how our “Phoner” Consultation works:

• We email you a few questions to get started.
• You email us your answers, plus anything else you want to discuss or ask about.
• We set up a time for you to talk with Paul on the phone.
• You and Paul talk for up to an hour, during which he answers your questions, makes suggestions, gives advice, etc.
• You get a complimentary one-year Ultras membership which includes a free downloadable copy of The Groundhopper Guide to Soccer in England.
• You get $50 credit towards future ticket purchases.

Note: If you want more talking time, your own customized planning document, and a bigger credit towards tickets, check out The Planner!

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