Derbies & Rivalries

All about the top derbies and rivalries in British and European football.

Getting to Know the Bayern Munich-Borussia Dortmund Der Klassiker

March 29, 2024

The Der Klassiker is often one of the most exciting and influential games of the German Bundesliga season, with the winner gaining a significant advantage in the Bundesliga table. First, we’ll start with a very brief history of each club. In case you didn’t know, Der Klassiker means "the classic" in German and refers to…

Getting to Know the Napoli-Roma Derby del Sole

January 23, 2024

What was once a strong brotherhood between two clubs outside of Italy's powerful north, the Derby del Sole is now one of the most hostile rivalries in Europe. The Derby del Sole refers to the matches of this rivalry being played in the sunny southern region of Italy, but first we’ll start with a very…

Getting to Know the Lazio-Roma Derby della Capitale

January 18, 2024

One of the fiercest derbies in Italian football, the Derby della Capitale, or Capital Derby, between Lazio and Roma is widely considered one of the best intra-city derbies in Europe. First, we’ll start with a very brief history of each club, both based in the capital city of Rome. Lazio History SS Lazio, or simply…

Getting to Know the Athletic Bilbao-Real Sociedad Basque Derby

January 14, 2024

(Above photo by imagestockdesign via shutterstock) One of the oldest derbies in Spanish football, the Basque Derby between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad is one of the few derbies where rival fans coexist and even sit together. First, we’ll start with a very brief history of each club. In case you didn’t know, the Basque…

Players on the field in a full Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Tottenham-Chelsea is, Almost Quietly, One of the Top Derbies in English Football

November 1, 2023

When you think about the top derbies in English football, Chelsea vs Tottenham might not be the first to come to mind. But if you consider the factors that make up a proper derby – proximity, long history, controversies, and most of all a certain equity in results – this London derby has become one…

Black Country Derby Historic Image English football rivalry

Top Derbies in the 2021-22 English Football Season

July 8, 2021

With the usual disclaimer that actual dates might change a bit for television or Cup ties, especially in the Premier League, here are the top derbies in English football's top two tiers for the 2021-22 season. Be sure to click the links and read Groundhopper Guides' introduction to these rivalries. Premier League Derbies, 2021-22 Season…

club crests Luton Town vs Watford rivalry

Getting to Know the Luton Town vs Watford Rivalry

April 15, 2021

The rivalry between Watford and Luton Town, sometimes known as the Beds-Herts Derby, goes back over 100 years and is one of the more bitter derbies in English football. Chances are, though, you don't know much about it. The two teams will not meet in the 2023-24 season after Luton Town was promoted to the…

south wales derby swansea city vs cardiff city

Get to Know the South Wales Derby, Cardiff City vs Swansea City

March 19, 2021

Some derbies are really just very simple: two big clubs in one area, with no other real competition for supporters' affections. Such is the case with the South Wales Derby, Swansea City vs Cardiff City. There are other teams in Wales that choose to play in the English leagues rather than the much smaller Welsh…

north london derby arsenal vs tottenham

Getting to Know the North London Derby, Arsenal vs Tottenham

March 10, 2021

There is no doubt that the North London Derby, Arsenal vs Tottenham, is one of the most famous and fierce derbies in English football. And considering the size of each team’s fanbase, it’s probably one of the most famous derbies in the world. So let’s take a look at the North London Derby: its origins,…

manchester derby feature

Getting to Know the Manchester Derby

March 5, 2021

The Manchester Derby, Man City vs Man United, has become one of the most high-profile derbies in English football. But it hasn’t always been that way, and as great as Manchester City are these days, it’s only recently that they established any kind of parity with Manchester United. Meanwhile, the red half of Manchester doesn’t…

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