Tickets for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Wolverhampton Wanderers Tickets

While we don’t currently offer tickets to Wolverhampton Wanderers home games, we can still help you see them play at other grounds around England. Check out all of our ticket & hospitality options at other clubs around the UK and Europe via the main menu at left.

In the past, Wolves tickets were really hard to get. Now that they’ve been up for a while and the novelty has worn off, with one membership (£40 annually from the club) for each ticket you want, you have a pretty good chance. Some games even to go General Sale, but only about two or three weeks before the game. And they have plenty of hospitality options you can buy without a membership and well in advance.

Read this post for everything we know about buying Wolves tickets.

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Learn More About Wolverhampton Wanderers

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Tickets & Hospitality FAQs

The simplest answer is that a “hospitality” package is simply a regular seat at a game — sometimes a more comfortable seat, but still a seat — plus some kind of extra benefit like lounge access, food, drinks, etc. Read more about hospitality.

This video explains how Groundhopper Guides fits into the ticket-purchasing system — like how can we sell you tickets when the club says the game is sold out.

Here at Groundhopper Guides, we are all about putting you in just the right soccer environment … for you. Want to see Premier League titans going at it? We’ve got the tickets. Want to catch a fiery local rivalry? We know when and where they are. Want to mix in some local footy with your tourist adventures? We’ve been to more than 100 clubs all over the UK and Europe.

When you purchase tickets from Groundhopper Soccer Guides, you get a lot more than a seat at a game. You’ll have full access to all of the content on our website including detailed club profiles, plus we’ll keep you up to date on any schedule changes and send you helpful information so you can plan your groundhopping adventure.

First, think of it this way: You can’t get a ticket through normal channels to see Liverpool play at home, where they have 54,000 seats “available.” What are the odds you’ll snag one of the 3,000 seats they get at Leicester City? Click here for the full explanation.

You don’t have to take our word for it; we have many satisfied customers. Read all of our reviews from fellow groundhoppers.

While we cannot guarantee a cash refund of your ticket and hospitality purchase with Groundhopper Soccer Guides, we will try to resell your tickets and share what we get, and we commit to 100% transparency about the process. Read the full policy.

How We Can Help You See Soccer in the UK

You want to see top soccer in person, but you don’t know how it works: when are the games, how to buy tickets, where is the best place to sit? We know all of that, and more, and we want to help! We offer two levels of consulting services: the Phoner and the Planner. Find out which one is best for you below.

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