Groundhopper Guides Referral Program

If we help you see a game, you have a great time, you tell a friend or family member about us, and then they go on to see a game with us, we want to say “thanks for the referral.” That’s why we have created this Referral Program — a special benefit to Ultras members.

How the Referral Program works:

If an Ultras Member refers to Groundhopper Guides someone who goes on to purchase tickets or hospitality, the Ultra member gets a credit of $100, or 10% of the referred purchase, whichever is less. That credit is good for one year from the date of the referred purchase, during which time the Ultra member can use it towards a purchase of tickets or consulting, or they can pass it on to someone else to use in the same way.


Person A is an Ultra member and refers Person B to Groundhopper Guides. Person B makes a purchase on December 1 for $1,500. Person A gets a credit of $100, good until the following December 1, to be used or passed on to someone else. If Person B purchases less than $1,000 in tickets, Person A gets a credit of 10% of that purchase, so a $750 purchase means a credit of $75.

Who’s eligible:

Any Ultra member whose membership is current at the time the original referral is made.

Rules and Restrictions:

The 2023-24 Referral Program is effective June 15, 2023, through June 14, 2024.

There is no limit on the number of referral credits an Ultra member can earn, so long as their membership remains current.

Credit is good for one year, even if the Ultras membership expires during that year.

Credits not used or transferred by one year from the referral purchase date will expire and may not be used or transferred.

Credits may only be used, whether by the Ultra member or their designee, on purchases made after the referral purchase that created the credit.


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