Hello, reader!

Here is my page of links to other websites and YouTube channels you might enjoy.

Footballhistory.org is a great all-around resource for the history of the game and some of the clubs

FootballGroundMap.com is a place where you can log all the grounds you’ve visited. I’m yankee-groundhopper on there.

When Saturday Comes: A fine all-purpose football magazine.

The Football Pink: Another magazine, focusing mostly on history

The London Football Guide: If somebody is playing soccer in London this week, dude has it.

The Londonist: An all-London blog that knocks out a dozen posts and videos every day.

Yanks Abroad: Tracking all the Americans playing all over the world.

Football Ground Guide: One of many such “away day” sites in the UK, telling you how to get there and where it’s safe for visiting fans to drink.

The 100 Grounds Club: You think you’ve been to some clubs? The host of this blog has been to more than 400!

Goalden Times: A world-wide football magazine with high-quality writing.

On YouTube:

Copa 90 – Game reports, tactics discussions, fan experiences, club profiles …

The Emirates FA Cup – Highlights and stories from the Cup.

Football Away Days – fun videos of fans being fans

Tifo Football – whiteboard videos explaining different teams’ tactics