How a Planner Works
  • Just like with a Phoner, I email you a few questions to get us started
  • You email me with your answers, plus anything else you want to discuss or ask about
  • We set up a time to talk on the phone
  • We talk for up to an hour on the phone, during which I answer your questions, make suggestions, give advice, etc.
  • I send you a detailed document with all my advice and suggestions, as well as a detailed suggested itinerary with links to more information on my website or the internet.
  • Here is a sample Planner Document
  • I’m available for a follow-up Phoner.
  • You get a copy of The Groundhopper’s Guide to Soccer in England.


The Planner

A Phoner plus a detailed document and ongoing help; also includes a copy of my book.

$100 of your purchase goes toward any future purchase of hospitality packages you make.