Updated for 2023-24 Season: How to Buy Wolverhampton Wanderers Tickets

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Updated for 2023-24 Season: How to Buy Wolverhampton Wanderers Tickets

We think Wolverhampton is a terrific place to see football, especially when Wolves are Premier League. But how do you buy Wolves tickets? Well, here’s what we know about buying tickets for a game at Wolverhampton.

Unfortunately, we at Groundhopper Guides don’t offer Wolves tickets, as the club doesn’t seem to work with any resellers. So that leaves the traditional process of getting English soccer tickets and hospitality, which is explained in this video:

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How Clubs Like Wolverhampton Allocate Tickets

Like all clubs, Wolves offer tickets in three stages: to season ticket holders, to club members, and to the general public. The last stage is called General Sale and only happens if there are still tickets remaining after the members sale. But this is generally about 2-3 weeks before the game, if at all, which is why having a membership often helps with buying Premier League tickets.

It’s simple to become a Wolverhampton member; you just visit their website and give them £40 for either an Adult or International membership. Unlike some clubs, Wolves don’t seem to prioritize member sales by points, which means when you become a member, you have the same shot at tickets as all the other members.

An important note on using a membership to buy Wolves tickets: You will only be able to purchase one ticket per membership. So if you and a friend want to see a game at Wolves and sit together, each of you will need a membership. The good news is that one of you can buy the two tickets at the same time, rather than each of you having to log in and try to separately purchase two seats together. Whoever purchases the tickets will simply have to assign each one to a different member.

black country derby west brom wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ home, Molineux Stadium.

When are Member Sales for Wolverhampton Games?

I have not found a strict policy on this, but it seems this typically happens about 3 to 4 weeks before the game. The one game in Members Sale as I write this went up about 3.5 weeks before the game.

All of this happens on the Wolverhampton tickets page.

General Sale Tickets at Wolverhampton

Again, if there are tickets left after the members sale, that game goes to General Sale, when the public can simply log in to the website or go up to the ticket office. But this won’t happen at all games, and probably not at the games against bigger, more famous Premier League clubs.

Do Wolves games usually go on General Sale? A ticketing official told me in July 2023 that in the previous season, a about two-thirds of Wolverhampton games went on General Sale. In the 2023-24 season, their first home game against Brighton went on sale about one week before the game.

Generally, any General Sale at Wolves games will only happen about 2-3 weeks before the game, if at all. So if you are traveling from another country and want to see a Wolves game, we think it’s a great idea to buy a membership, so you can buy your tickets as early as possible.

Kickoff vs Birmingham City, when Wolves where in the Championship.

Prices for Wolverhampton Tickets

How much do Wolves tickets cost? As always, that depends on where you sit and whom they are playing. Expect to pay anywhere from about £30 to £50 for a Wolves ticket.

Where to Sit at Wolves Games

Where to sit at a game is pretty subjective, but we at Groundhopper Guides have a standard suggestion: A place with a good view of the away fans. At Wolves, the away fans are housed in a fairly unique way: Rather than in a corner or behind a goal, at Wolverhampton they occupy the entire lower tier of the Steve Bull Stand on one side, all along the length of the pitch. So if their section is full, they stretch from goal line to goal line, with home fans above them. It makes for some interesting banter.

So we think you should sit either Steve Bull Upper, lower rows, to get into the banter, or across the way in the Billy Wright, so you can see them from across the pitch.

Buying Hospitality at Wolverhampton

All of the above refers to buying Wolverhampton tickets. Hospitality is something else entirely, and there are two advantages to buying Wolves hospitality over tickets: As at most clubs, you don’t need to be a member to purchase Wolves hospitality, and hospitality packages are often available well ahead of the game.

For example, while member tickets are only available a few weeks before the game, as I write this in July 2023, virtually the entire season is for sale on the club’s hospitality page.

Of course, there’s a simple disadvantage of hospitality: It costs more. My regular ticket on the side for the Brighton game cost me £50 with VAT, but for the same game the cheapest hospitality package starts at £152 with VAT. These packages, like all hospitality packages in English soccer, include lounge access; food; drinks; excellent seats; parking; pregame entertainment; and other perks.

Whether all of that is worth £100 or more per ticket is up to you. But being able to plan well ahead, not need a membership, and know you have excellent seats plus food and drinks all arranged makes buying hospitality at Wolves a great call.

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