How to Buy Arsenal Tickets

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How to Buy Arsenal Tickets

We get inquiries all the time from people who want to see Arsenal play at home. So how do you buy Arsenal tickets?

We get it: big club, great stadium, great city, you want to be there. But most Americans have no idea how difficult it is to buy Premier League tickets — especially at a club like Arsenal.

You might think that with 60,000+ seats, there would be tickets around. The truth is, though, that Arsenal are some of the most expensive tickets in England, but that hardly matters, because it is almost impossible to buy tickets direct from Arsenal for their games, unless you are a season-ticket holder or a paid member with lots of loyalty points (Related: What is a club membership?).

We assume you’re not one of those people, since you’re reading this post. So, what are your options? How on Earth does somebody get into an Arsenal home game?

panorama of emirates stadium arsenal tickets

The Emirates is an expensive place to get into.

Basically, you have four options for buying Arsenal tickets:

Buy an Arsenal Membership

For the 2023-24 season, an Arsenal membership is £34 per person for a Red Membership. As the club says, “As a Red Member you have access to exclusive ticket ballots [lotteries] for every Arsenal home match, plus access to buy and sell on the Ticket Exchange. This might get you into a cup game (see below), but a major drawback here is that nothing will be available until just a few weeks before the game.

As for the Ticket Exchange, where members and season-ticket holders can re-sell their tickets, yhe usual rules apply: tickets for the Bournemouth game are one thing, tickets for Man United or Liverpool are a whole different beast. These won’t be much more expensive, just near impossible to get. Also note that each person who wants a ticket needs a membership and getting more than one seat together this way is super duper tough.

view of players on field from arsenal hospitality tickets seats

View from our Arsenal hospitality seats, blocks 72 to 76 in club level.

Buy an Arsenal Hospitality Package

A hospitality package is just a ticket plus something else. At Arsenal, this is usually a seat in the club level behind the goal, some level of food and drinks, a discount in the club store, and a voucher for a stadium tour. Arsenal sells these on their website, and you don’t need a membership to get one.

Groundhopper Guides is a registered sales agent for Arsenal hospitality, and we can tell you that for an opponent like West Ham, you’re looking at around $800 US per person. That goes all the way up to around $1,200 for a game with Man United.

Here’s a Look at Our Arsenal Ticket and Hospitality Options

Go to a Cup Game at Arsenal

They will often be playing a lower-league team and everything gets a little easier. You will still almost certainly need a membership for tickets, but as an example, one year they were playing Doncaster Rovers in the League Cup, and the same hospitality seat listed above, from us, would have set you back $75. Just understand that no Arsenal players you have ever heard of are likely to play in a game like this.

Buy Arsenal Tickets from a Third Party

Here we’re referring to sites like Stubhub, which technically are illegal, and which we have no personal experience with. (related: Is Stubhub Safe?)

Or Maybe Don’t Go To Arsenal!

Actually, you do have a completely different option, which is to check out some of the lower-league clubs around London. We run that one past a lot of people, and the typical response is, “Tell that to my 16-year-old.” Again, we get it, but perhaps you would rather see Charlton play a local rival for £30 or less than pay hundreds to sit up high at The Emirates.

Here’s more on Premier League tickets in general:

More About Groundhopper Guides and English Soccer Tickets & Hospitality

You can read more about us and our hospitality sales here:

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