Tottenham Hotspur Ticket A Premier League ticket: the holy grail of soccer fans everywhere.

I get a lot of emails that basically go like this: “I am going to be in England in a few weeks and want to buy Premier League tickets. Can you help?”

The answer is basically in three parts:

  1. I can’t sell you regular tickets
  2. I can sell you hospitality packages (hmm, what are those?)
  3. I can definitely help you to understand the process better. So let’s work on that.
premier league tickets

They won’t be able to tell you, either.

So, why is buying Premier League tickets so hard? In a nutshell:

  • Most people, when they say Premier League, really mean Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham or Liverpool. Home tickets to those clubs are almost impossible to get from the clubs because of high demand.
  • Often they are trying to see one of those big clubs play another one, which makes it about 10 times harder.
  • Many people are only approaching this a few weeks ahead of the game, when tickets are long gone.
  • They often want three or four seats together, which is almost always impossible for these big clubs for any game.
  • They are limited in time – only one weekend in the country, for example – or by location, i.e. they will be in London and aren’t up for a two-hour train ride.

I have a much more detailed post about buying Premier League tickets.
And here is a video that explains more about it:

So What’s the Solution?

  • Buy a hospitality package from me. I am an official reseller.
  • Plan farther ahead. The schedule comes out in mid-June for the August-to-May season, and tickets go on public sale (if at all) around six weeks before the game.
  • See if you can be flexible and pick a really good time to go for soccer specifically.
  • Recognize that the Premier League has 20 teams in it, and shoot for a lesser-known club. (I know, “Tell that to my 16-year-old.”)
  • If you have to see a big club, and you’re flexible on timing, shoot for an FA Cup or League Cup game. (Here’s a guide to all the leagues and cups.)
  • Even if there are four of you, accept that maybe only two are going to the game.
  • Be willing to not sit together.
  • Be willing to throw down the cash on a hospitality package, going on the theory of “It’s once-in-a-lifetime.” (I can help with these.)

Maybe get beyond the Premier League and check out a Championship club like Queens Park Rangers in West London.

And finally, consider going to a lower league game. If you pick a good one to see, it can be every bit as fun. Here are some clubs to check out:

Read all I know about buying Premier League tickets and other aspects of English soccer adventures.

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