dessert bar premier league hospitality Dessert bar in the hospitality lounge at Watford’s Vicarage Road.

We have written a lot about getting tickets to Premier League games, because that is the “holy grail” for most US soccer fans.

But sometimes you just can’t get that ticket, either because it’s a big game, it’s late in the process, or it’s one of those clubs where it is just about impossible, no matter what –– Liverpool and Arsenal come to mind.

Here’s all we know about getting English soccer tickets.

There is another way – an expensive way, to be sure, but another way into these hard-to-score games: the hospitality package.

The Funny Thing About English Soccer Tickets …

… is that it is illegal to resell them, even at face value. Technically, if you buy two tickets for 20 quid each and then sell one to a friend for 20 quid, you have broken the law. Of course, that’s like going 36 in a 35 mph zone; nobody cares. Really, they are after the touts (scalpers).

Still, to legally resell a ticket to an English soccer game, you have to put it in a package. And those packages are known over there as Hospitality.

Newcastle FC Hospitality room

A suite at Newcastle United FC.

The Suite Life

The most common form of hospitality package is basically a seat in the regular part of the stadium that comes with some kind of meal, bar, former player interaction, and so on. Sometimes this seat also comes with add-ons like a stadium tour, hotel room, etc. Therefore, it is now part of a package. Voila, legality!

All clubs have some version of these, which they sell direct to the public and also through brokers or resellers.

Those agencies, in turn, might also work with resellers to help sell them. So sometimes you can get a package from the club, and sometimes you need a reseller. Like us.

It so happens that Groundhopper Soccer Guides is one of those authorized resellers. It’s part of the consulting services we offer, along with trip planning and custom itineraries. Here’s more on how we are authorized to sell hospitality packages.

Sometimes a Seat is Just a Seat

There are other, less expensive hospitality options. These involve benefits like a buffet and bar with just a seat at the game, as opposed to a spot in a suite or box. They are priced according to the location of the seat and the quality of the food. So it will be one price for a sandwich, soda, and seat in the corner, and something else entirely for a midfield, mid-stand seat with a buffet and a cash bar. Also, of course, Watford is cheaper than Manchester United.

Speaking of Prices …

Aston Villa premier league hospitality lounge

A lounge included in an Aston Villa hospitality package.

So what does all this cost? As you can imagine, there is a range – literally covering all the leagues of English soccer. You can get a suite at, oh, Bristol City starting at 75 pounds. If, on the other hand, you want to see Liverpool, now you’re talking hundreds of pounds (or more). And if you want into the FA Cup Final, that will be £500 and up!

The pricing is determined first by the club, then by the level of experience, and then by the opponent – the same as with regular tickets. The place to start, as always, is with the club’s website.

Here’s more on hospitality pricing.

So a hospitality package can be an expensive proposition, or it can seem like a bargain, but in some cases it may be the only (legal) way you’re getting into that Premier League game you’ve been dreaming about.

For more information like this, check out our FAQ page on seeing English Soccer.

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