premier league tickets They won’t be able to tell you, either.

Especially if you are not British and you’re new to Premier League tickets, getting into these stadiums can seem like the Wild West. So how do you know the person you’re buying from — in this case, us — is legit?

For some more background, you can read all I know about buying English soccer tickets, and also why it’s so hard to get into a Premier League game. You can also check out the Premier League’s page on safe ticket buying, which includes a long list of known unauthorized resellers.

Tottenham Hotspur Ticket

A Premier League ticket: the holy grail of soccer fans everywhere.

But the bottom line is as simple as supply and demand: people all over the world want to see these games, and there are only so many seats.

How Clubs Allocate Tickets

Clubs allocate tickets first to season ticket holders, then to members, usually based on previous purchase experience. Especially at the big clubs, tickets almost never emerge at the end of that process to be purchased by the general public, or even new members.

Meanwhile, the club also sells hospitality packages — basically a seat plus some other benefit like a lounge and/or food — directly to the public and also through authorized resellers. This is where I come in.

A Little Video About How Tickets and Hospitality Work in English Soccer

I Am 100% Legit to Sell Tickets and Hospitality

I am registered with two of these authorized resellers (aka brokers), who have contracts with most of the Premier League clubs, several Championship clubs, Wembley Stadium, and many European clubs as well.

International Suite at Manchester United.

They are called Champions Travel and P1 Corporate Hospitality. If you search the name of the club you want to see plus “authorized resellers,” you will find a page on the club website with all the sellers listed, and there you will see these two names. Here, as an example, is that page from Liverpool FC showing both of them listed.

To confirm that I am registered with Champions (as and P1 (as Groundhopper Guides), just reach out to them. I am happy to provide their contact info if you can’t find it.

You can also read my Google reviews here.

So when I say I have tickets and hospitality to Premier League or other soccer games, what I mean is I can get them from these brokers, who in turn get them from the club via a contract for the season. Simple as that!

For more on hospitality, including posts on options at specific clubs, check that category on my blog.

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