Premier League hospitality lounge buffet food Centenary buffet at Chelsea FC.

Since getting regular tickets to Premier League games is so hard, people wind up in the market for hospitality packages, for which Groundhopper Soccer Guides is an authorized reseller.

Southampton hospitality lounge bar

Two bars in the lounge at Southampton.

There are many options, many sellers, and no easy answer to the seemingly simple question:

What do English soccer hospitality packages cost?

Allow us to take a shot at explaining this. Prices below were updated for the 2019-20 season. Check the bottom of this page to request a current quote.

First, a “hospitality package” is really just a seat plus some kind of benefit: food, drink, lounge access, stadium tour, and so on. There are many of them, including more than one at just about every Premier League club, and the prices — just like those of regular tickets — vary wildly with the opposition.

Also, many sellers attach hotel rooms to the packages they offer, but we don’t.

Let’s take, as an example, the Centenary Club (Canoville Suite) at Chelsea FC, one of the best packages we sell through our consulting and ticket services. You get a pregame buffet (that’s just part of it in the first photo), access to a lounge during and after the game (including free coffee and tea), and seats in the middle tier of the east stand, around the top of the penalty area.

Here is a view from those seats:

view of chelsea fc players on field from hospitality seats

Free kick right in front of Centenary seating.

What does that package cost? We’ve seen prices from $400 to $750. It’s all about the opposition.

Let’s take another one, the package we sell for Arsenal home games.

View of players on field from our Arsenal hospitality seats

View from our Arsenal hospitality seats, blocks 72 to 76 in club level.

This is a club-level seat behind the goal, just above the away fans, with lounge access, free drinks at halftime, and a voucher for a stadium tour on a different day.

The cost? Again, from $175 to $650.

Now for Manchester United, one of the most-requested clubs in our world. (Honestly, though, go to Leeds or Sheffield United instead!)

Depending on the game, we have up to five packages for Man U, so let’s take the lowest priced, the highest, and the most popular.

The lowest is a seat in the upper tier corner with lounge access and free coffee and tea. The popular one is a seat in the Stretford End, lower but behind a goal, with the same perks. The highest is an off-site champagne reception and buffet pregame, then snacks and free drinks after with former players hanging out and you get a 10% voucher for the club store.

The prices? From $275 to $700, depending on the package and opposition. Here’s more on our options at Man U.

It’s Not All About the Big Premier League Clubs

Of course, there are other less expensive options than these three big clubs. At West Ham, $150 usually gets you a padded seat on the halfway line with a free bar the whole game. At Crystal Palace, $200 typically gets you outside a suite in the end near the away fans, really close to the pitch. And then there are lower-league clubs where you can also get a package, in many cases from us.

So, what do hospitality packages cost? Like so many things in life, it depends!

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