2021-22 champions league A Champions League game at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC.

I sell quite a few hospitality packages to Liverpool home games, and I’ve been working my way through some of them on my groundhopping trips. Here’s a report on the Paisley and Shankly Suites in Liverpool’s Kenny Dalglish Stand.

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Quickly, let’s review all of my Liverpool hospitality options, using this seating chart as a reference (click to expand).

Liverpool Seating Plan

My options (more details here) include:

  • Main Stand blocks L11 and L12, each with access to the Code Lounge.
  • Anfield Road End, blocks 226-227, with offsite pre- (and sometimes post-) game hospitality.
  • Lower-tier Dalglish Stand seats in KG and KP with access to the Reds Bar.
  • Blocks CE3 to CE7 in the upper Dalglish, with access to the Shankly and Paisley Suites.

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Paisley and Shankly Suites at Anfield

Catching the highlights in the Shankly Suite.

Many people might think that “suite” means you’re not sitting in regular seats, but that is not the case. As with all my options, you have regular seats with access to a lounge or some other experience. In this case, it’s the Paisley and Shankly Suites, mirror images of each other in the Dalglish (formerly Centenary) Stand.

You’ll have access for 2.5 hours before the game and one hour after the final whistle, which is nice to let the crowds clear out; getting away from Anfield after the game can be a hassle.

These suites are basically sports bars where you get a meal (included) and access to a bar before the game. The food is buffet style, and when I was there it included hot bowls like curries and pasta, salads, sides, and small sandwiches.



My plate: curry, rice and naan.

Curries and other bowl food.

Salad and sandwich station.

The seats are great — upper tier but pretty central. There’s usually a small price difference between being in block CE3 or CE7 versus the more central CE4 or CE6. Which block you’re in also determines which suite you go to, but again, they are identical in every way but the manager-themed decorations.

I sat in CE4, which has proper old-school seats with minimal legroom and “real” fans all around. Here are some views from there.

Kickoff from CE4.

The Kop to my left.

And a couple of videos:

In the second video, that group in the seats is the away fans, who have to sit there for a while postgame to let the streets clear a bit.

Free hot drinks at halftime and fulltime.

For me, block L12 remains the best seats I sell at Anfield but, to be fair, I haven’t yet tried KG or KP. The options in the Anfield Road end behind the goal, with offsite pregame hospitality, tends to be the cheapest, and seats in the Upper Dalglish tend to be the priciest.

What you’re getting here is food (nothing special to be honest) and more central seating than in L12. Over there, what you’re getting is seats around the top of the penalty area (or along the goal line in L11) but close to the away fans and closer to the pitch.

If you want more information on any of these packages, or to get a quote for an upcoming Liverpool home game at Anfield, shoot me an email or fill out the form below.

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