Do you love watching English soccer? Do you wish you knew more about all the different clubs, leagues, songs, and traditions? Do you dream of one day seeing an English soccer game in person?

If so, you need to check out The Groundhopper Guide to Soccer in England, a 380-page travel and cultural guide to all things soccer in England.

2020-21 Groundhopper Guide to Soccer in England English Soccer Guidebook cover

Cover of the 2020-21 edition of The Groundhopper Guide to Soccer in England.

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Completely updated for every season and written by an American who has seen more than 100 games all over the UK, The Groundhopper Guide answers questions like:

  • Who and where are the English soccer clubs?
  • What are their stories?
  • What are their songs?
  • Where do their supporters have a pint before the game?
  • How do I get tickets?
  • Which games are best to see?

The book also includes historical information, a guide to all the different competitions, a look at the current schedule, some of the funny words and phrases you’ll hear announcers say, and stories of the author’s adventures traveling around the English soccer world.

The Groundhopper Guide to Soccer in England is like a well-informed friend who has been there and done it, and now wants to help you do the same.

Whether you’re adding a game to your UK vacation, planning a soccer-centered trip, or just wanting to know more while you watch on TV, The Groundhopper Guide will teach you all about English soccer and help you eat, drink, and sing like a local.

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