Iconic stand at Camp Nou home of FC Barcelona Iconic stand at Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona.

Getting tickets to a Barcelona home game can be a confusing process, so at Groundhopper Guides we can make it super simple for you. We work with brokers who have official access to Barcelona tickets, so we can definitely help get you into a game at the Camp Nou.

Here is a bit more on our Barcelona ticket and hospitality options.

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Kickoff at Camp Nou

Kickoff at Camp Nou.

Seeing a Game at FC Barcelona

The Camp Nou certainly qualifies as a “cathedral” of football, but you may be surprised at how old-fashioned the whole experience is. There are only two small video screens, and the stadium is really just a giant concrete bowl, much of it without a roof.

For a little more on FC Barcelona and the city of Barcelona, check our Groundhopper Guide to FC Barcelona.

Getting More Than One Seat Together at Barcelona

There is a difference between the tickets we offer at Barcelona and our Premier League ticket packages: different pricing based on how many seats you want together. For example, if you just want one ticket, that’s a different price per ticket than if you want two guaranteed together. If you want three or more together, that is yet another price per ticket — even for the same seating block.

Below, we will list some sample prices based on two tickets, guaranteed to be placed together.

Our Barcelona Tickets: Where are They?

With nearly 100,000 seats, the Camp Nou offers plenty of options for seating. Let’s start with the seating chart, which is broken up into zones — each with their own pricing.

We sell tickets to each of these categories at the Camp Nou. (Click to image to expand and download.)

barcelona camp nou seating chart

FC Barcelona Ticket Prices

What does it cost to see a game at Barcelona? With reference to the seating chart, here are some sample prices for the lowest end of opposition (Elche) and the highest end (Real Madrid).

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Category 4 or 6 — $125 /$450

Category 5 — $150/$500

Category 3 — $175/$500

Category 2 — $200/$750

Category 1 Corner — $225/$850

Category 1 Lateral 200-300 — $250/$950

Category 1 Lateral 000-100 — $275/$1,050

Category 1 Tribuna 200-300 — $300/$1,050

Category 1 Tribuna 000-100 — $325/$1,150

Category 1 Central — $400/$1,250

Barcelona Hospitality Packages

We don’t just sell tickets to Barcelona; we also offer hospitality packages, or seats with access to a lounge area, sometimes with food and drinks included.

Here is a quick look at the packages we sell at Barcelona.

The Berlin Lounge

Seats located in Block 212-217 & 312, row O. Access to the lounge for 90 minutes before the match, where you have a champagne reception, buffet meal and free bar.

VIP Shortside or Block 346

“Shortside” here means seats in the middle tier behind the goal, the black “VIP” bar in the seating chart above. As with the Berlin Lounge, you get lounge access before the game for a buffet and free bar.

VIP Players Zone

Lower-tier Tribuna central seating with access to the Honors Lounge.

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