league cup wembley stadium At least we know some Wembley dates to look forward to.

Since I sell tickets and hospitality packages to Cup and Playoff games at Wembley, I thought I would write a post explaining what the options are.

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As both the UK’s national stadium and, for apparently the rest of the 2018-19 Premier League season, the home of Tottenham Hotspur, Wembley Stadium will eventually pop onto the radar of the traveling groundhopper.

Note that these are the same whether it’s an FA Cup semifinal or final, a League Cup Final, international match or Football League playoff final.

First, here is a seating chart for your reference (click to expand):

Wembley Stadium Seating Plan

Choice 1: Regular Seats

One option I sell is not hospitality at all, but just seats. These would be in the third tier on the side, block 501 or 552, right along the midfield stripe. These don’t come with any club or lounge access, but the concourse at Wembley is nicer than the typical club ground. Often these have to be purchases with a hotel room, which I can also help with.

Choice 2: Regular Club-Level Seats

The middle tier at Wembley is the club level, with padded seats, more legroom and, of course, a closer view of the action. For an idea of the view from here, check out a video I took from this level.

Choice 3: Club Wembley Seats

The distinction here is simply that these tickets come with access to the private lounges and cafes on the club concourse level. Otherwise, the seats are just the same.

One example of this is the Three Lions Lounge:

Three Lions Lounge

You can get in there 2.5 hours before the game and 1 hour after, the latter being particularly nice as you can let the post-game crowds clear out from the stations around Wembley.

Some of my packages come with a voucher for a plate of food before the game, and some also include a free drink at halftime. The lounge accomplishes this by simply covering a table with cups of beer and letting people have at it. Quite a sight:

It’s a beer free-for-all — literally! — at halftime.

Club Wembley With Arc or Venue Hospitality

Occasionally I see this option for games at Wembley. This is simply better, more central seats in club level with a pregame champagne reception and three-course meal, then a free bar at halftime and full-time.

The Main Club-Level Variable: Location

If you’re going to a cup final or an FA Cup semifinal, then each club gets one end of Wembley for its supporters. So that would probably determine where you’re sitting.

From an FA Cup Semifinal in the corner.

If you don’t have a club loyalty, then the main pricing factor other than “regular” vs “Club Wembley” is where you sit relative to the pitch.

In other words, sitting in the corner (above) is one price point, but sitting over near midfield is of course something else:

From a Spurs-Wolves game, more on the side.

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