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Our happy little hopping team just keeps on growing. Say hello to Groundhopper Emily, who will be handling much of our sales emails and tasks — from Italy!

We’ve now got a team member in Ecuador, another in North Carolina, and one about to go on a serious trip to England and Europe. Quite the international crew for a little Portland-based outfit that started with a guy having fun at a game.

Here’s what Emily had to say about herself:

A woman smiling on a patio in Tuscany.

Groundhopper Emily in Italy.

Ciao from Italy, fellow sports fans!  My name is Emily and I am pleased to be the newest member of the Groundhopper Team.  

While I would not call myself a sports fanatic, I have always enjoyed playing, participating and watching sports of all kinds.  My first memory of organized sports was on the soccer field so many years ago.  My most recent is staying up almost all night to watch the MLB All Star Game in Denver.  Since childhood, I have enjoyed many team and individual pursuits personally and have seriously watched countless hours (maybe weeks) of games and matches and races of all kinds!   I could not feel more at home being on a team that just loves sports too.  

I grew up in the Great Lakes region of the US and was lucky to have a haven for both youth team sports and the ability to learn how to ski and sail – passions that are still a part of me today.  After high school, I moved to Colorado for college and really discovered my love of the outdoors in general.  But also really found that having allegiances to professional teams can be really fun!   Denver is a mecca for the professional sports enthusiast as they have almost every professional sport imaginable!  It’s easy to attend a game any time you might want. 

After living the mountain life for a couple decades, my soul has led me to experience living in a completely new culture.  For now, home is located in the south of Tuscany.  As a grateful dual citizen, I have been enjoying the journey and really hope to discover more and more of what Italy has to offer.  Many of you might say “Obviously”… the Serie A football and you are so right!  Our family has a little Juventus fan and our friends are lifelong, diehard Torino FC fans.  It has been so incredible to see the dedication and the excitement that football brings to Italians first hand.  In fact, being here for the Euro 2020 Final game and celebrating in the parks is something I will not easily forget.  I am even more excited to attend my first, official Serie A game in October with part of the Groundhopper Team!

I am overcome with gratitude to be working with such a smart and professional group of people.  I also cannot wait to be working with each of you, our clients, to help fulfill your football travel dreams.

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