View of the historic Johnny Haynes Stand from the Hammersmith End.

Seeing a game at Fulham FC in West London is a terrific, fun and accessible way to catch some Championship-level footy in the capital.

(This was written in the 2019-20 season; as of 2020-21 Fulha are actually in the Premier League, so they won’t be playing QPR in the league this season.)

I sell tickets to all Fulham home games, through my consulting, ticket and hospitality sales services. As Fulham are currently in the second-tier Championship, few of their games sell out, so like the other lower-level clubs around London, Fulham tickets are affordable and easy to get.

That doesn’t mean a game there isn’t fun; quite the opposite. It’s nice to just hop on a bus, walk over to the ground, get a pie and a pint, and watch a high-level game — all while spending well under £100 for the evening. That won’t be true at many Premier League clubs.

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Below is a photo gallery from a game at Fulham. Actually, the first several are from other games, just to give you an idea of the place. (I’ve been to 112 games at 64 different grounds as of this post.) When you get to the nighttime pictures, those are from Fulham vs Queens Park Rangers on November 23, 2019. Fulham came from behind to win that West London Derby, 2-1, with both of their goals scored right in front of my seats, row 6 in the Hammersmith End.

Here’s a video from there, with the Fulham folks letting the QPR keeper know what they think of him:

Photo Gallery: Seeing a Game at Fulham FC

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