All about Arsenal’s new pregame anthem “North London Forever”

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All about Arsenal’s new pregame anthem “North London Forever”

Starting at the end of the 2022-23 season Arsenal rolled out a new pregame anthem that has grown into a regular pregame tradition.

The Premier League is known for its passionate and vocal supporters, and Arsenal is no different. Arsenal has well-known chants like their “We are the Clock End”, “We are the North Bank”,  “One-Nil to The Arsenal” and “It’s good good good to be a Goonnah.” And now they have added a new pregame anthem to the mix.

“North London Forever” was adapted from the song “The Angel” by English singer Louis Dunford. Dunford is from North London and has been very supportive of his song becoming a new Arsenal anthem, even suggesting some new lyrics via social media for Arsenal supporters to use.

“The Angel” discusses life in North London and even makes mention of Arsenal’s former stadium Highbury. The new anthem specifically picked up the chorus of “The Angel” which goes as follows;

North London forever

Whatever the weather

These streets are our own.

And my heart will leave you never

My blood will forever

Run through the stone

Here they are having a go after beating that “other” North London team, Tottenham, last season:

The next time you’re visiting Arsenal or even catching a game on TV be sure to listen for “North London Forever”!

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