TV Change Dates for the EFL Championship

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TV Change Dates for the EFL Championship

When does television change game dates and times in the English Football League? We have all those dates here for the 2023-24 season.

Remember, when the schedule, or “fixtures list,” is first released, it will show everyone playing at the same time each week. But as you know from watching English soccer on television, they don’t all stay at the same time.

The changes are even more severe in the Premier League (when does TV change the Premier League schedule?), but in the Football League, they usually adjust — or “flex” if you’re American — a game or two per week in the Championship, and sometimes in League One or Two.

And they do this on a pre-announced schedule throughout the season.

Here are the upcoming TV games posted on the official EFL website. That link used to include these dates for future changes, but we’re sticking with them here.

TV Change Dates for EFL Championship

  • Games August 12 to 19: Already done.
  • Games August 26 to September 20: Already done.
  • Games September 23 to October 7: Already done.
  • Games October 21 to November 11: Already done.
  • Games November 25 to December 13: Already done.
  • Games December 16 to January 1: Already done.
  • Games January 13 to February 3: Already done.
  • Games February 10 to 24: Already done.
  • Games March 2-6: Already done.

For the rest of the season, they don’t guarantee these dates, but they are subject to a minimum notice — usually four weeks until the last two weeks of the season.

  • Games of March 9: Already done.
  • Games of March 16: Already done.
  • Games from March 29 to April 1: Already done.
  • Games from April 6-10: Already done.
  • Games of April 13: Already done.
  • Games of April 20: Already done.
  • Games of April 27: Already done.
  • Games of May 4: Already done.


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