The 2023-24 English League Cup Schedule

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The 2023-24 English League Cup Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 2023-24 English Football League Cup, also known as the EFL Cup or the Carabao Cup.

About the EFL Cup

The League Cup, also known as the EFL Cup or the Carabao Cup, is England’s second most important knockout competition after the FA Cup.

The League Cup is a knockout competition for all 92 clubs in the Premier League and Football League — the top four levels of the pyramid of English leagues.

EFL stands for English Football League, and the Cup is sponsored by Carabao, a Thai energy drink company. In the past, it has been known as the Carling Cup, the Milk Cup and many other names.

The 2023-24 EFL Cup will be played for the 64th time; Manchester United are the holders, having beaten Newcastle in the 2023 Final.

The winner of the competition qualifies for the play-off round of the next season’s Europa Conference League (if they fail to have already qualified for the Champions League or the Europa League).

Here is more info about the League Cup.

How to Watch the League Cup in the USA

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2023-24 Carabao Cup Schedule

First Round: August 8, 2023

All 48 clubs from EFL League One and League Two will be joined by 22 clubs from the EFL Championship, for a total of 35 games. The two clubs who finished 18th and 19th in the 2022-23 Premier League will sit this one out.

Second Round: August 29, 2023

The 35 winners from the First Round are joined by the last two clubs from the Championship and the 13 Premier League clubs not involved in European competition. That’s 50 clubs and 25 games.

Third Round: September 26, 2023

This one is massively delayed compared to the usual season, because of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

All 25 winners advance from the Second Round and are joined by the seven Premier League clubs that are also playing in Europe.

Fourth Round (of 16): October 31, 2023

This includes the 16 winners from the Third Round.

Quarterfinals: December 19, 2023

Eight winners advance from the Fourth Round. These games are still single legs at club grounds.

Semifinals: January 9 and January 23, 2024

Winners from the quarterfinals play two legs, one at each ground.

2023 League Cup Final

The 2024 Carabao Cup Final will be on February 25, 2024 at Wembley Stadium. Kickoff time is TBD.

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