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Oxford United

In ​​the City of Dreaming Spires lie beautiful buildings, famous colleges, amazing history, and a little football club recently on the up.

LOCATION: One hour west of Paddington station in London

CONTACT:, 01865 337500, #OUFC

NICKNAMES: The U’s or the Yellows—same as Cambridge United, oddly


Oxford United’s history follows a generally familiar course among smaller English clubs: ancient founding, early glory, obscurity, more recent glory, decline, and resurrection. In their case, the founding was in 1893, the early glory was in leagues you’ve never heard of, and the recent glory was in the 1980s under a manager named Maurice Evans….


Swindon Town is the most disliked; they are just 30 miles away, and the two clubs have met more than 50 times since 1962. Reading, a similar distance away, is also a rival, as are Wycombe Wanderers. There is an Oxford City (where the United women play), but they are in the National League South, the sixth tier, and the two haven’t had a…

Women's Team

Oxford United Women are in the Women’s National League South, the third tier, with home games at the Oxford City FC


“Yel-lows, Yel-lows” and a long, rolling “Cooome on you


The Kassam, named for the influential former chairman, is an odd place really. It’s in Oxford Science Park, which is really just a business campus. The stadium has only three sides, with the open end revealing a bowling alley and a Frankie and Benny’s restaurant. Basically, that’s a sign that your ground is new and has little character. Outside…

Going to a Game at Oxford United

GETTING THERE: It’s a weird place to get to as well. From the train station, take bus 5 (Blackbird Leys) for 35 minutes to Sandy Lane, and then walk another 15 minutes. Alternatively, take bus 1 (also Blackbird Leys!) to Queens Lane, then bus 3A (Littlemore) for 20 minutes to the stadium. Or you know what? Take a cab. It’s almost five miles and…

Oxford United Tickets

Latest prices ranged from £20-28 for adults. It would be surprising if they sell out a game unless they get a Premier League biggie at home in a Cup.

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