Update on Real Madrid’s Renovation of the Santiago Bernabéu

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Update on Real Madrid’s Renovation of the Santiago Bernabéu

Real Madrid are finally closing in on the completion of their significant renovations on Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

The 575 million Euro project was started in June 2019, and it was expected to be completed in late 2022 or early 2023. From March 2020, when the Covid pandemic suspended play, until September 2021, Real Madrid played their home games at their training facility in the Valdebebas area of Madrid.

Since then, they have been back at the Bernabeu, though with many seats covered in a tarp and construction cranes all around the stadium.

Exterior view of Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu under construction during renovations.

The Santiago Bernabeu has undergone significant changes to both its interior and exterior, with the outside now encased in sleek steel.

The newly made Santiago Bernabeu renovations will feature an entire area dedicated to e-sports, a retractable roof, a removable pitch with its own greenhouse system, and a 360-degree video board. There are also plans for an expansion to the club museum as well as some serious cosmetic changes to the exterior of the stadium — many of which are already visible.

Due to the pandemic and several other complications, the completion date has now been pushed back to September or October 2023. Real Madrid are planning an opening ceremony on a grand scale, featuring many former club icons, in December 2023.


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