Stadio Olimpico during an AS Roma match Stadio Olimpico during an AS Roma match. (Image: Gaúcho, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Groundhopper Soccer Guides is an official reseller of A.S. Roma tickets. Here is a look at what we have available for home games at the Stadio Olimpico.

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Seeing a Game at A.S. Roma

The 70,000-seat Stadio Olimpico is home to both Roma and their rivals, Lazio. The stadium was one of the venues of the UEFA Euro 2020, and hosted four matches.

Groundhopper Paul saw a Europa League game featuring SS Lazio and Salzburg at the Stadio Olimpico. Read more about his first foray into the world of Italian football and the atmosphere at the stadium.

For more background on the club and city, check out our Groundhopper Guide to AS Roma.

stadio olimpico aerial view as roma stadium

Aerial view of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. (Image:

Getting More Than One Seat Together at AS Roma

Whenever we issue a quote for tickets to AS Roma, we can seat up to four people together until two weeks before the game. After two weeks before the game, we can only guarantee pairs of seats together.

This may change throughout the season, and we may have more options than are listed here, so definitely check with us directly by filling out the form below if you are interested in AS Roma tickets.

Our AS Roma Tickets: Where are They?

Our AS Roma tickets come in three basic categories:

  • Shortside (Curva Nord/Sur, lower level)
  • Tribuna Tevere (longside, all tiers)
  • Tribuna Monte Mario (longside, various sections)

For reference, here is the seating chart for their home stadium, Stadio Olimpico. Click the image to expand and download.

as roma stadio olimpico seating chart

AS Roma seating chart.

AS Roma Ticket Prices

What does it cost to see a game at AS Roma? With reference to the seating chart, here are some sample prices for the lowest end of opposition and the highest end (AC Milan). The Derby della Capitale with Lazio would cost just a little less than AC Milan.

And remember, these prices are per seat for up to four seats together until two weeks before the game.

These are not official quotes; fill out the form below for a complete, up-to-date AS Roma quote.

  • Shortside — $75 / $200
  • Tribuna Tevere — $125 / $225
  • Tribuna Monte Mario — $150 / $300

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