Use Your Soccer Passion to Support Charity Fundraising

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Use Your Soccer Passion to Support Charity Fundraising

Can soccer really save the world? No, but combining people’s love of soccer and travel with their desire to support nonprofits can make a difference. Here’s how — and how Groundhopper Soccer Guides is part of it.

Imagine your favorite charity’s annual fundraiser gala. There is probably a raffle or a silent auction, with the grand prize being an experience contributed by a supporter: time at their rental home or a guided hike or a chef-cooked meal in your own home.

What if the grand prize was a trip to a Premier League game with an expert guide?

That is what can result from the partnership between Groundhopper Soccer Guides and Winspire, which offers “highly sought after, hard to find, unique Experiences for use in charity auctions or fundraisers.”

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Winspire is your hub for your fundraising needs.

Winspire Charity Auction Packages for Soccer Lovers

From the nonprofit’s standpoint, it’s super simple: They pick an experience, like our Discover Premier League or Ultimate English Soccer Excursion. They don’t have to actually create the experience; that’s been done. They also don’t have to pay for it at this point.

They then put this experience into their fundraiser, sell it in an auction or raffle or whatever, then pay for it, and keep the difference. Then they simply connect the winner with Winspire, and a few steps down the line, Groundhopper Paul shows up at their pre-booked hotel in England to take them to a game!

More Winspire Charity Fundraising Options

While going to a soccer game in England is just about the best thing in the world, Winspire has many other experiences which would be great, we’re sure, and may be better suited to your favorite nonprofit: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, for example, or Trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Too intense? How about Taste of Tuscany, Metropolitan Opera Extravaganza, or Romantic Paris and Prague? There are options pretty much all over the world, including shorter trips in the US.

Winspire actually does more than this; they offer help with fundraising planning, event production, and software. But the list of travel experiences on their website is awesome and has us all fired up to hit the road.

So consider putting your favorite nonprofit in touch with Winspire, tell them Groundhopper Soccer Guides sent you, and connect your passion for soccer with your nonprofit’s mission to make the world a better place.

Written By Paul Gerald
Paul Gerald, Owner and Founder of Groundhopper Soccer Guides · Profile
Paul is a traveler, writer, publisher and soccer freak. He started Groundhopper Soccer Guides as in 2014. When he's not kicking around England working on this site and his book, you can find him at Providence Park in Portland, cheering on the Portland Timbers.

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