Above is a photo of my pin badge collection, as of November 2019, from the English soccer clubs I have visited since 2014.

I’ve seen well over 100 games at more than 60 grounds, but as you can see, there are a couple of gaps in the collection. That’s because in the early days I wasn’t into the badge thing — I’m not even sure I knew they existed — and a few of those clubs I haven’t circled back to for my badge just yet. I also lost my Oxford United badge somehow. So one of these days, on arrival at Heathrow, I will probably just take a coach out to Reading, then a train to Oxford, just to get a couple of damn badges.

Sound crazy? I’ve done it before. I once spent my arrival “Zombie” Day taking a three-hour coach to Birmingham and public transit to West Bromwich, just to get a badge from The Hawthorns — all on the way to a game in Barnsley!

This groundhopping thing makes you do some goofy shit.

Here’s a fuller picture of the collection (click to expand).

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